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Tetrakis(Hydroxymethyl)Phosphonium Sulfate(THPS)

CAS No.: 55566-30-8

Molecular Formula: C8H24O12P2S                    Molecular Weight: 406.27

Structural Formula:

THPS Structural Formula 


THPS is a kind of environmental anti-microbial reagent. It is characterized by its low solidity point and fine stability. THPS can be reserved for long time and can easily dissolve in water. It is a kind of new environmental pesticide with high efficacy, low toxicity and low rudimental. It can kill germ and aquatic plants. In 1995, the EPA of the United States ratified THPS with zero toxicity and awarded it with US Green Chemical prize.


Item Index
Active Content % ≥75.0%
Viscosity (at 25 deg c.) 30.0-36.0mPa. S
Density(25℃): 1.350-1.420
Fe(%) ≤0.002
pH: 2.5-5.0


THPS is mainly used in water treatment systems, oil field operations, and paper-making industry. The advantage is THPS will soon degrade to a nontoxic substance immediately after use. Also it can be applied to fabric coating as flame retardant, obviously improving flame retarding property.

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THPS, Tetrakis(Hydroxymethyl)Phosphonium Sulfate